My name is Jolene Tan; I write fiction and non-fiction. I also offer editing services, specialising particularly in academic material on law, human rights, politics and public policy, especially in the Singapore context.

LATEST PUBLICATION: My latest novel, After the Inquiry, has been released! Described as “a riveting novel” (Balli Kaur Jaswal), “chilling and unforgettable” (Alfian Sa’at) and “a masterpiece of meticulous construction” (Jeremy Tiang), it follows the bureaucratic mind of a loyal civil servant as he looks into a seemingly straightforward caseā€”and uncovers some unsettling truths. Available from Ethos Books and at major Singapore bookstores.

LATEST NEWS: I appeared on “Political Agenda”, the New Naratif podcast, to discuss After the Inquiry with PJ Thum. (April 2021)

I can be reached at me at jolenetan dot org.

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