Growing Up in an Unequal Society

So you’ve read Teo You Yenn’s book, but have you seen the movie? I’m so excited to have drawn and animated this–an illustrated version of “Growing Up In An Unequal Society”, the talk she gave for the Singapore Children’s Society lecture in September. It was an absolute delight and honour to work on such rich and important material. Please watch and share.

The Duck Song

There is a faintly discernible past in which I was a university student who spent approximately 90% of her (awake, sober) time consuming random Internet rubbish. Here is a brief throwback: a break, for me, from weeping into a to-do list which is exploding everywhere like some kind of fungal alien menace.

But first, look. This video is really, really annoying. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I think my favourite thing about it is how the dude’s face gets progressively more pissed off.

If you’ll allow me to raise my head from the books for a moment: here is a video that accompanies a fundraising drive for Singapore’s first and only specialist service supporting women who have experienced sexual assault. It features the powerful testimony of survivors of sexual assault – talking about, among other things, the importance of supportive services to their recovery. Please watch, give and share! [Disclaimer: this service is run by my employers!]

Zoe Tay for SACC : “The journey: voices of survivors” from Sexual Assault Care Centre on Vimeo.

Zoe And yes that is Zoe Tay (squee!) and here is the selfie that I took with her during the filming (squee!). She was really nice (squee!).

At some point I must put into text my EXCITEMENT about Sarah Waters’ The Paying Guests (Sarah Waters! Squee!) but that point is not now.