Heeeerrrre launchy launchy launchy

So the Singapore book launch for A Certain Exposure now has a Facebook event page! It’s quite bare at the moment – more of a placeholder than anything else, because people kept asking me about it – but I believe the good folks at Epigram are working on material with which to populate it. The basics, though: 17 April, BooksActually, 7.30pm. I’ll be doing a reading and the lovely Teng Qian Xi will be hosting a Q&A.

7485441In case you were wondering, here’s a literary picture of me looking all literary and stuff (copyright © 2014 by Dan Yeo for White Room Studio and used with permission). Being angrily feminist for a living and all that, I am hyper-conscious of how much the results of studio photography are typically shaped by lighting, make-up, airbrushing etc., but what I never knew till I did this shoot was how unnaturally photographic subjects are posed. You basically identify every joint that you ordinarily never think about and hold it at some previously unimaginable awkward angle. I had to spend most of the session willing my lips out of laughter (I was really dreadful about corpsing in my student acting days). It’s funny how hard it is to control rogue lips.

tl;dr: that picture looks remarkably normal given how weird taking it was.

I have a title!

Shocked face cartonAs promised, I have a title. So – in 2014, if all goes to plan, which I don’t know if it ever does, but please dear Maud this time let it, because, and I know this is a cliché with a cliché cherry and cliché cream on top but it really fits, this is a childhood dream come true, okay let’s get a grip and have out with it:

In 2014, Epigram Books will publish my debut novel, A Certain Exposure.

But only if I manage to finish my revisions, so off to work with you now, Jolene.

Image shows a carton with holes causing it to resemble a shocked face, shared under a Creative Commons licence, with thanks to yy yeung.