My first picture book

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Humongously excited to announce that my first picture book, SATURDAY’S SURPRISINGLY SUPER-DUPER LESSON, wonderfully illustrated by Isabella Tong, is now available for pre-order! Ships in June.

There was some talk going around a while ago about the possible involvement of pangolins in the spread of the new coronavirus. I’m extremely fond of the one that makes an appearance in this little tale, and I will vouch that it did not carry any zoonotic diseases.

Interview with Centre for Stories

I have an author interview up at Centre for Stories: on early reading and writing, my fiction to date and work to come. I realise this is probably also the first place I’ve mentioned publicly that I’ve signed a contract for a children’s picture book. It should be out next year; watch this space for details!

Reading for me was very private, the most real of realities but impossible to truly discuss with people around me…

Excerpt and interview in Junoesq

New literary journal Junoesq contains both an excerpt from A Certain Exposure and a (somewhat terrifyingly prefaced) interview with me. It has just occurred to me that my reference here to auto-flush toilets follows a previous interview in which I describe my feelings about the publication of ACE in terms of not soiling myself. I might need to work on this public persona thing.

ACE out of my ears

My promise that this blog will eventually be a tad less relentlessly self-absorbed must wait a bit longer to be fulfilled, because Epigram has just posted some very lovely pictures of last Thursday’s book launch at BooksActually. It was loads of fun! But don’t worry if you missed it, because a little bird tells me that another event is on the cards… watch this space for details.

And my friend Pooja Makhijani has written a very kind mini-review of A Certain Exposure.

It is a thing that exists!

I haven’t yet had the pleasure of seeing them here in the flesh (in the pulp?), but according to the lovely Kirsten Han, you can already find these exciting piles of books at Kinokuniya at Ngee Ann City!




p.s. I promise this blog will in fact stop being All Me, All the Time at some point! (Though I guess, with the URL and all, you might come forewarned.)

Heeeerrrre launchy launchy launchy

So the Singapore book launch for A Certain Exposure now has a Facebook event page! It’s quite bare at the moment – more of a placeholder than anything else, because people kept asking me about it – but I believe the good folks at Epigram are working on material with which to populate it. The basics, though: 17 April, BooksActually, 7.30pm. I’ll be doing a reading and the lovely Teng Qian Xi will be hosting a Q&A.

7485441In case you were wondering, here’s a literary picture of me looking all literary and stuff (copyright © 2014 by Dan Yeo for White Room Studio and used with permission). Being angrily feminist for a living and all that, I am hyper-conscious of how much the results of studio photography are typically shaped by lighting, make-up, airbrushing etc., but what I never knew till I did this shoot was how unnaturally photographic subjects are posed. You basically identify every joint that you ordinarily never think about and hold it at some previously unimaginable awkward angle. I had to spend most of the session willing my lips out of laughter (I was really dreadful about corpsing in my student acting days). It’s funny how hard it is to control rogue lips.

tl;dr: that picture looks remarkably normal given how weird taking it was.