Other works

This is a selection of personal highlights rather than an exhaustive catalogue, because I have written an enormous number of press letters, opinion pieces etc. for the (sometimes erstwhile) Day Job(s). I also used to blog and write reviews at The F Word.


SATURDAY’S SURPRISINGLY SUPER-DUPER LESSON, a children’s picture book (Epigram Books, 2020)

A GOOD VISIT, a short story in Issue 17 of the Manchester Review (February 2017)


Explainer: Discrimination in Singapore“, New Naratif (May 2020). Also reproduced in PJ Thum (ed.), The Singapore Citizens’ Agenda (New Naratif, 2020)

An End to Marital Immunity for Rape in Singapore?“, with Wong Pei Chi and Mark Wong, New Naratif (March 2019)

A new orbit: Lessons from parenthood on trust“, first published in Pakir, Sheila and Malminderjit Singh (eds.), The Birthday Book 2017: What should we never forget? (pp.198-201). Singapore: The Birthday Collective.

Writing our future together“, an opinion piece in (the now-defunct newspaper) MyPaper (July 2014)

Caning violates international norms“, an opinion piece for The Online Citizen (June 2010)


Growing Up in an Unequal Society by Teo You Yenn“, an animated lecture (December 2018)


We are destroying a boy“, at Free Amos Yee rally (July 2015)

Pink Dot: the freedom to love your child“, at Pink Dot 2015 (June 2015)