Other works

This is a selection of personal highlights rather than an exhaustive catalogue, because I have written an enormous number of press letters, opinion pieces etc. for the Day Job. I also used to blog and write reviews at The F Word.


A GOOD VISIT, a short story in Issue 17 of the Manchester Review (February 2017)


A new orbit: Lessons from parenthood on trust“, first published in Pakir, Sheila and Malminderjit Singh (Eds.), The Birthday Book 2017: What should we never forget? (pp.198-201). Singapore: The Birthday Collective.

Writing our future together“, an opinion piece in (the now-defunct newspaper) MyPaper (July 2014)

Caning violates international norms“, an opinion piece for The Online Citizen (June 2010)


We are destroying a boy“, at Free Amos Yee rally (July 2015)

Pink Dot: the freedom to love your child“, at Pink Dot 2015 (June 2015)