About me


My name is Jolene Tan and I write fiction.  My first novel, A Certain Exposure, was published by Epigram Books in April 2014.

I live in Singapore.  I have also lived in Cambridge (England), Cambridge (Massachusetts), London and Heidelberg.

You can reach me at me at jolenetan dot org or find me on Twitter @acertainjolene.

Author photograph used with the permission of Dan Yeo of White Room Studio.

3 comments on “About me

  1. jb1398092 says:

    Hi Jolene, I just read a (very well written) piece you wrote in 2010 about caning in Singapore. I find it really disturbing that this still goes on. I would love to campaign and get involved with a group that works towards the abolition of this degrading torture but can’t find anything on the internet. Amnesty International no longer seems to be active on this. I wonder would you know of any organisation to get in contact with? Even if only to make a monthly donation. Thanks so much. Jo

    • Jolene Tan says:

      Hi Jo. Thanks for your interest–it is indeed extremely disturbing. Unfortunately the NGO space in Singapore is really underdeveloped in this area at the moment. There are people who work on this but not in a sustained way. You can consider supporting the work of Kirsten Han http://www.kirstenhan.com or Jolovan Wham https://prisonlife.sg/ who have been some of the most consistent voices for penal reform.

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