Speed read

Read a whole bunch of things.

  • Binged on rereading S.E. Hinton: That Was Then, This Is Now; The Outsiders; Rumble Fish and Taming the Star Runner. I hadn’t touched some of these books for perhaps upward of a decade. It made me realise how much my teenage development of a sense of narrative owed to her. This is a nice article about her.
  • Yiyun Li’s Kinder Than Solitude: I really admire The Vagrants, so I was very excited to sink my teeth into this. I loved it – it was rich and powerful and (mostly) beautifully written – but the frequency (and sententiousness) of Li’s aphorising was sometimes an obstacle to my enjoyment, even though as a reader my tolerance for authorial intrusion is unusually high (I absolutely adore Byatt, and as a teenager I loved Heinlein and Hardy, so go figure).
  • Jo Walton’s My Real Children: I found this a little disappointing. It was fluent enough and offered a characteristically comfortable geek-feminist home, but it was a tad predictable (you could smell the fact and nature of Mark’s infidelity, and also Bee’s accident, a mile off), and also, didn’t I read another version of this novel – written with perhaps a little more emotional immediacy and less purely biographical sequencing – about seven or eight years ago?
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