Things I have consumed lately:

  • Kraken, at last. This is the first time I’ve struggled to keep going with a Miéville – which didn’t even happen with the polarising Iron Council – because bits of the first third seem entirely too reliant on the reader finding giant squids as TOTALLY WAY COOL, MAN as the author clearly does. I know baroque and excess is kindof his whole point as a writer, and the charges of padding and affected, gasping grandiosity can be brought to any of his novels, but this has been the only one I’ve read where I felt they sort of stick. That said, it was reliably full of exciting mindfuckery, it all got more interesting as things came to a head (especially with some of the later character development, like with Paul and Marge), and I must confess to enjoying the silly bottle gag (a set-up worthy of Jasper Fforde). I still ♥ him is I guess what I’m trying to say.
  • Blankets by Craig Thompson. A friend lent this to me and I sped through it in an hour and a half. “You read really fast,” she said when I returned it. I hemmed. “I guess it has a lot of pictures?” It was sweet and serious and overwrought in the way that teenhood has to be and I may or may not have teared up.
  • I managed to get through Etiquette‘s A Certain Sort of Hunger despite the beginnings of a horrible head cold. It made me wish I could get out to spoken word shows more often. I especially liked Nabilah Husna’s holey gutted whore and Stephanie Dogfoot’s post-breakup cheapskate ex.

    I’m currently in the midst of rereading That Was Then, This Is Now (discovered in the remnants of my childhood book collection) and will be on a Singapore Writers Festival panel this Sunday. I can’t actually imagine why anyone would pay any part of $20 to hear me witter on, but if for some reason you do, please say hi.

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