Bring the penguins back


Dear National Library Board,

I am the parent of a toddler and have greatly enjoyed taking my child to your libraries in the past. I am deeply disappointed that, as reported in the news, you have chosen to pull the three children’s books from your collection on such exclusionary and narrow-minded grounds.

In my view, it is beneficial for children to learn that families come in diverse forms and that emotional ties should not be limited by gender or discriminatory ideology. Parents who disagree are free to prevent their own children from taking these titles out of the library. Why should parents like me, and my child, also be denied access to these books, on someone else’s say-so?

I hope that you will reconsider your decision and publicly commit to pursuing an inclusive and non-discriminatory policy in stocking your shelves.

Best regards,
Jolene Tan

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One comment on “Bring the penguins back

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