Holiday reading

Recently I sped through Jo Walton’s Small Change trilogy, a tasty bit of feministy alt-history fun – if “fun” is the right word to use regarding a universe where a 1940s-60s Britain, having made peace with the Third Reich, is sidling into fascism, with the help of a brutal political murder or five. It all ends in a rather silly way – perhaps inevitably, given the tension between the deathly awfulness of the subject matter and the page-turning drawing-room novel tone, a difficulty which began to weigh increasingly heavily in the third entry. But the first two books in particular were tremendously enjoyable.

I’m soon going on holiday, and hope to spend much time curled in a hammock with the printed word. I’m looking at probably Akhil Sharma’s Family Life and China Miéville’s Kraken: unless, dear lurker, you have something else to recommend?

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