Bookshelves real and virtual

So I’ve gone and got myself a Goodreads author profile – from which you are quite possibly reading this entry, as I’ve synced the blog to it as well. I’m not sure I can keep up with consistently updating all these online profiles and ratings and reviews and so forth – the internet was eating enough of my life without yet another platform to manage – but I figured I may as well connect it to the little notes I’m scribbling here on reading and writing.

Lately: the pleasant discovery that Borders at Westgate stocks every single Byatt book, even her two non-fiction volumes, so I’ve finally read The Game. It’s hard for me to think about the novel purely on its own terms, instead of getting all caught up in the linkages to her later works: both the most obvious ones in terms of the Corbett/Potter sisters and the Moffit/Wedderburn characters, and also in the theme of authorial vampirism, later the centre of The Children’s Book. But I thought it was really neatly constructed, and the nastier characters in particular very enjoyably drawn, even though Moffitt was a damp squib and baffling descriptions of Ivan’s expressions as “Chinese” were jarring.

I’ve just spent a bunch of birthday vouchers I’d been given, too – on Mohsin Hamid, Ruth Ozeki and a book on the 50th anniversary of Operation Coldstore – so perhaps more here later. Plus, of course, details of A Certain Exposure‘s Singapore launch. All two of you: watch this space!

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