Eager for Egan

Cover of The Arrows of Time by Greg EganI was excited to find out that The Arrows of Time, the third and final book in Greg Egan‘s Orthogonal series, will be released in a few weeks.  I’ve long been a fan of Egan’s radically brain-bending and quietly caustic SF, and Orthogonal for the first time directed his brilliance more squarely at issues of sexual politics and a liberatory struggle for reproductive autonomy (see my review of the first two books for UK feminist magazine The F Word).  He also turns out prodigiously original material with marvellous speed – it’s only been a year since the trilogy’s second entry – which makes me wonder if it isn’t only his characters who inhabit a universe where time has different properties.

I’m also hoping to check out new books at the Singapore Writers Festival tomorrow, including at the launch of some new titles from my publishers Epigram.  (“My publishers”!  I’m always going to get a kick out of typing that, aren’t I?)

One comment on “Eager for Egan

  1. Jolene Tan says:

    […] The Arrows of Time is a bit of a departure from its predecessors. Both the science and the gender politics are comparatively less prominent; instead, we get more of a straight-up space travel thriller, with some familiar Egan ruminations on the nature of free will. (The setup is very much reminiscent of The Hundred-Light-Year Diary, one of the short stories in the collection Axiomatic.) I was sufficiently engaged to want to keep reading, and to feel satisfied that the whole trilogy has seen a resolution (a planet saved from destruction, hurrah!), but it wasn’t nearly as special as the rest of Orthogonal. […]

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